Boston bound and a baby later

This coming race, Boston 2016, is unlike any race that I have run yet.  Of course, there is the whole qualifying piece that makes it elusive, but it is the life change that has transpired since my BQ in December of 2014 and the actual culmination of the race in April of 2016 that sets this race apart.  In our world of instant gratification and instant everything, this race has been a long time coming.  At least 9 months.  Plus 6 months.  Because I got pregnant about a month after my qualifying race in Kiawah, SC, and my husband and I will be traveling with our 6 month old to Boston on a plane tomorrow.  It’s been a lifetime!


BQ at Kiawah Marathon December 2014

Jon and I planned our pregnancy around the Boston marathon, and at the time, we fully expected that the timing wouldn’t work out, and we would start trying for a family after April 2016.  Surprise!  Ready or not, the first try stuck.


I had a really easy, wonderful pregnancy, and I was able to run through my entire pregnancy.  We called our baby Baby Miles up until the week that she was born.  And then we named her Cadence Joy.  Hence, Running with Cadence.


I am hoping that between natural childbirth, figuring out breastfeeding, and functioning on six months of no sleep, I will have the mental toughness to duke it out on the Boston hills regardless of my training.  This training cycle has definitely been unconventional, but I’ve enjoyed every stroller mile and treadmill mile that it took to get to this place.  My body is strong and my heart is full.

Cadence_FineAfternoon-1 (2)

Tomorrow I’ll board a plane with my wonderful husband and the best little baby in the world to complete a race that has been a long time coming.  Boston bound in the morning!



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