Getting our wings and a bib

Travel day! We left for Boston today around noon and arrived at 2 pm. Cadence was such a perfect little sport through it all. She loves all of the sights and sounds, and she doesn’t mind being in her daddy’s arms one bit.


Cadence earned her wings today for sure!


We headed to the expo around 3:30 PM, and I was in heaven! It is so fun to be surrounded by such committed runners. Everyone is so nice, and we get even more special treatment when Cadence gives one of her big toothless smiles. I found the medical tent and received my special pass to bring a pump into the Athlete’s Village. I saw two other names on their list, and I desperately wanted to get a copy of their names so that we could band together in the awkwardness of pumping in a high security area with very little privacy surrounded by thousands of people. I’m not worried, but it will definitely be a first!


Jon found just the right recovery tool. I think he might be ready to sign up for his next marathon if he could have one of these $5600 toys.


It is so surreal that this weekend has finally arrived. I’m soaking up every minute and enjoying this beautiful city, the fabulous weather, and the uninterrupted family time. My final treat for the day was dinner with my gorgeous best friend who goes to MIT.


Tomorrow we are tourists for the day!

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