The day I walked all over Boston before my marathon

That’s how we travel. After traveling all around the world, Jon and I have found that the best way to explore a city is on foot, with the occasional train ride or bus. This trip is very much about the marathon, evidenced by Jon’s devotion to cater to all of my needs and keep me happy, but we also wanted to enjoy this great city since vacationing will be a little less frequent with a baby in tow.


First things first, we went back to the expo today so that I could meet Scott Jurek at the Clif bar venue. He is such a phenomenal runner, and he has made such an impact on the ultra world. Scott could not have been nicer, which is no surprise given his reputation of formerly winning races and waiting at the finish line for everyone else.


Then we walked toward North End and ate at the Quincy Market area. The harbor was so beautiful, just like everything else in this city.


My beautiful MIT friend met up with us and showed us around her stomping grounds.


Jon taught his first class, and Cadence was his attentive student. She has really been such a doll baby during this whole trip.



We finished off the day walking around Harvard’s campus and getting the best ice cream ever. My legs might be tired, but my brain feels smarter after walking the ivy league campuses!


We are back in the hotel room now, and I’m just about ready for an early night to bed. Let’s hope Cadence cooperates! I’m excited and nervous about tomorrow. It’s hard to trust the training, and this training cycle has definitely been very unconventional. My goal is to PR, which means faster than 3:29. I feel like I am prepared for that kind of race, but I’m going to enjoy every minute of the race if things go differently.


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