What recovery looks like after a 100 mile race

I’ve had a lot of very thoughtful people asking how I’m doing post 100 mile race.  It’s been almost two weeks since the Yeti 100 Mile Endurance Run, and I feel fantastic. It’s the best img_20161001_034602feeling to have completed the race and to have enjoyed the experience so much (my race report can be read here).  It was such a special experience, and sharing such a big goal with my family was the most rewarding of all.  I attribute so much of my physical recovery to the training plan created by my coach.  The running that I did was solid, although pretty low mileage, and the strength training that was incorporated has made me feel stronger than ever before.

The first few days after the race: I finished the race early Saturday morning, and I only got a couple of hours of sleep Saturday night/morning.  My legs were pretty sore on Saturday, and when I was lying in bed, it was uncomfortable to get into the right position without something hurting.  By Sunday, I was still sore, but moving much better.  I barely felt sore on Monday, but I did notice that things like walking Maggie made my legs feel tired after less than a mile. The outside of my foot started hurting around mile 90 of the race, and it has been the slowest thing to feel healed.  Each day it feels better and better, so I think it will be good as new in no time.

I’m still breastfeeding (> one year now!), and I had worried that the race would affect my supply, but I’m having no issues with providing enough milk.  I’m still not sure what weaning will look like for us, but it will start happening slowly over the next few weeks/months.  I’m glad that the race did not speed up this process for us!


How I’m helping my body recover:  On Monday after the race, I had a light sports massage to help my legs recover.  As for exercise, I took off completely on Saturday and Sunday, but I incorporated light cycling up to 20 minutes, plus our neighborhood Maggie walk all of last week.  By Saturday, I was up to an hour of hiking outside with the stroller and Maggie, plus strength work.  My body really feels completely normal, but I have not tried to run yet to see how my body responds to running.

I’d love to say that I am taking a lot of Epsom baths, but we just found out that the bathtub in our house leaks into the kitchen, so I’ll have to stick to soaking one foot at a time in my mini cooler.  haha.

I thought that I’d be starving after the race, but my appetite has stayed pretty normal.  Even though I am not working out as intensely as I used to, I’m still eating a lot and trying to get in good foods for healing.  We celebrated my birthday and Cadence’s birthday last weekend, so there is no shortage of cake!   I’ll try to get on a routine with less sugar after all of the cake is gone, but in the meantime, I’m enjoying the sweets.img_20161012_145403

My plan for October: Originally, the plan was to take off of running for two weeks, and add back strength work after one week of rest.  I’m pressing pause in October as far as training, but I’m looking at a potential January goal race.  With that plan, I want to let my body get as recovered as possible in October so I can hit November and December hard with training.  As much as I love running, this means that most of my October days will consist of cross training and strength work.  It’s nice to change things up after focused training for the 100 all summer, but I know that I’ll be ready to run come November!  I have a 10 mile race scheduled for October 23rd, and I have not decided yet if I will race it or just run it.

I’m still working out in October, but I have more expendable time with my family, and I am loving it.  I also don’t feel any pressure if I cut a workout or only finish half of my weights session.  My husband has been extremely supportive of every aspect of my 100 mile race, as well as my upcoming goals.  Marriage is so fun when you can share hopes and dreams with each other and support each other’s goals!


Planking buddy

How do you recover after hard races?

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