Race Report: Sawnee Showdown

I love running races as part of my training because it is always the boost that I need to be surrounded by other runners.  It also makes me push myself harder. Both of these elements were true this past Saturday when I ran the Sawnee Showdown 8.9 mile trail race. I signed up for Sawnee … Continue reading Race Report: Sawnee Showdown

Race Day with a Baby

I've heard from a lot of pregnant or new moms (mostly over Instagram) who say that they are relieved to see that my training days didn't end when we had Cadence.  She's been a great little buddy in the stroller or pack and play while I run.  And she likes to play in our basement … Continue reading Race Day with a Baby

Ultra Eating: Fueling for an Ultramaration

I learned a lot about nutrition and fueling by preparing for and running the Yeti 100 Mile Endurance Run.  Everyone is unique, and different courses dictate different nutrition needs, but I've provided some guidelines that will help you best prepare for your race.  Remember the adage "We are an experiment of one" when reading through … Continue reading Ultra Eating: Fueling for an Ultramaration