Just getting warmed up


We had a boat to catch this morning 🛥️🎣, so I just got in a quick 3 miles with this as the backdrop. 😍 Hilton Head may be hot and humid, but it’s my favorite place to run. So many memories here. ❤️ #motherrunner #bestlittletrainingbuddy #21monthsold #seapines #harbortownyachtclub #marathontraining #womensrunningcommunity #womenrunning

I slept pretty badly last night, and my husband and I overslept for our run this morning. My parents joined us last night in Hilton Head, and they invited us to join them on a charter boat today.  We were not about to pass on that opportunity, so we ran a quick three miles and quickly showered for the boat.

After running 20 miles yesterday, my body really needed to ease into a run, but instead, we hopped out of bed and ran as soon as our feet hit the pavement. I’m so glad that my parents watched Cadence for our quick run because I don’t think I could have handled the stroller. For an 8:14 pace, it felt way harder than it should have!

I was pretty unwise not to warm up, especially since I’m walking a fine line with a potential injury. Here’s a good article by David Roche with some simple suggested warm-up moves.  Warming up not only helps prevent injury, but it also helps improve performance and perceived effort. My leg swing is always lower starting out on runs where I do not adequately warm up.

I survived the three mile run, and I was happy to get the blood flowing. We only caught 3 fish, and I discovered that I get seasick when rocking at sea on a boat. Once we started driving, things got better, and I had a great time! We finished the day with a family walk, and I wore Cadence in our Kelty carrier for an hour. Great core workout!

What’s your warm-up routine? Has the need for a warm up changed as you’ve gotten older?


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