Turning up the volume


Did I mention how much I love running on Hilton Head island? ☀️ But you pay for the beauty in sweat, that is for sure! 💦Ran for an hour this morning with the stroller and the husband ❤️, and then we finished up taking turns with strides. 💨 I just started using a heart rate monitor for the first time since before I got pregnant with Cadence, and I’m looking forward to integrating that into my training a little more. 🙌 Runners always love more data, right?! 😂 Now off the beach! Happy Saturday! 🏖️#hiltonheadisland #seapines #strollerrunning #thuleurbanglide #strollermiles #strides #bestlittletrainingbuddy #21monthsold #motherrunner #womensrunningcommunity #womenrunning

I’ve had a coach for the last year, and her training plan focuses primarily on lots of speedwork and strength work. Low mileage and high intensity.  I think that plan worked well for me for a period of time to help me find speed, as I had never done speedwork before, but I’ve had one too many niggles, and I am ready to change up methodology.

I especially want to proceed with the remainder of this training cycle leading up to my marathon on July 23rd with care, as I do not want to be sidelined with a stress fracture as a result of these shin splints. Unfortunately, I’ve found that I’m kind of on my own to figure out how to shift training in the middle of my training cycle.  Thankfully, I have some pretty amazing friends who are also coaches to help me fill in the gaps of my training plan.  I plan to slowly increase volume over time, and I’ll use cross training to help me achieve this more safely.

I just ordered a new heart rate monitor to get an idea of my exertion level for different runs. I’m not sure how much I’ll use heart rate as my guide going forward, but I think it’s really helpful for me to get a baseline. It will also help keep me honest to make easy runs easy, as I like to go fast. 🙂 Running with the stroller is one of my favorite things, so I was glad to see that even with the heat of Hilton Head, I was able to keep my heart rate at a reasonable rate with paces in the 8:20/8:30s for an easy run. I’m currently re-reading Matt Fitzgerald’s 80/20 Running to refresh myself on some of the principles of balanced training.

Does anyone else use a heart rate monitor for running? How many days do you run easy vs hard?

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