Cycling and hamstring maintenance


Ooooh this week is hard, and it’s just Tuesday! Most of the time I’m really happy about my work/daycare/family choice, but yesterday I picked up Cadence from daycare and just sat in my car crying. 😭 This little soft snuggle bug has sure rocked our world! ❤️ I’m sure all of the vacation time and four day work week contributed to my emotions. Daycare will never be the same as momma, and I wish I could give this little girl everything.👑 I’m thankful that we love her teacher and she’s just next door. It’s hard on both sides of the road, isn’t it? 😖 45 min on the bike this morning and then soft snuggles while I meant to be stretching. 😘👶 #motherrunner #workingmom #21monthsold #toddler #perfection #cycling #crosstraining #marathontraining #womenrunning #womensrunningcommunity

I rode the bike today for my recovery run. My calf feels a little tight next to my shin, and yesterday was a big running day.  I have gotten to where I really like the bike, and I’m excited about the prospect of adding volume without the worry of a running related injury.

That being said, cross training can bring it’s own injuries. Did you know that cycling can cause the hamstring to shorten because of the seated position? If sitting at your desk can cause the hamstrings to shorten, it’s no surprise that sitting on a bike can do the same thing. Stretching is important, which I need to also remember while I’m so focused on my calves!

One tip that I find to be so true is that it’s important to cross train year round, not just when an injury occurs. So many times, runners will pick up cross training out of necessity because of injury, but because they are unaccustomed to the cross training exercise, they create a whole new problem.


The other baby

What’s your favorite way to cross train?

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