HIIT and Run!


It feels so good to run past all the morning traffic. πŸ’¨ Until I have to sit in it on my morning commute a few minutes later. 😬 🚘 I had planned to get in some speed work today, but my running partner woke up early and I couldn’t resist the company. ❀️ 6 stroller miles in zones 1 & 2. I’ll switch up my days and try to get in some speed tomorrow. 😁 #marathontraining #motherrunner #thuleurbanglide #strollermiles #bestlittletrainingbuddy #21monthsold #womenrunning #womensrunningcommunity #gobeyondpace #runyourworld #radrabbit

Now that I’ve gone rogue and stopped following my coach’s plan (to protect my shins and cut out a lot of the intensity inherent in my old plan), I really love the freedom that I have to move around training days. It was such a treat to skip intervals and run with Cadence today instead. I’ll get in the intervals this week, but today was about time with my girl before we faced a work day. ❀

We actually had two stroller dates because Jon and I ran after work for 4.5 miles as well. 10.5 miles for the day, and I feel good! My calf is still a little tight and I am aware of my shin but do not have pain. I have a PT appointment on Friday for a little maintenance. My ankle feels out of joint, and I can’t seem to get it to feel quite right.

Before Jon got home from work tonight, Cadence and I did a free 35 minute HIIT workout on amazon. It was meant to replace my strength work, and it definitely got me to sweat and feel a burn! I added a few push-ups to the end because the session was mostly focused on legs and core. Still, it was a fun diversion, and Cadence was a hoot doing burpees with me. That child is such a delight! Here’s a pretty good sequence by Runner’s World if you are looking for an example of some HIIT moves to incorporate.Β  I like following a video because it forces me to keep moving.

What’s your favorite way to incorporate strength work into your routine?


Second run done!

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