Ab separation and rockin the crop top

I think I'm set on wearing the crop top for my Sunday race, I just need to pick out a color! πŸ™‚ I wrote in my IG caption about my ab separation and pseudo hernia, so I thought I'd elaborate here in case any mommas are in the same boat. I have a series of … Continue reading Ab separation and rockin the crop top

Late to the Party

  I just received my bib for the Peachtree Road Race 10k in the mail, and I'm in the seeded wave.Β  This is something new to me.Β  I've always been active, but I didn't really run races until around 2013 when I finished my first marathon (3:45), and I had to work really hard (3 … Continue reading Late to the Party

Ultra breastfeeding

I never fully appreciated the affect of hormones until I got pregnant in 2015.Β  Holy moly. Anyone who has ever been pregnant knows what I'm talking about. Everything. Everything changes. And it happens pretty quickly as that tiny little poppyseed starts dividing cells. Fast forward to after you've given labor and that watermelon is out … Continue reading Ultra breastfeeding

Selecting a goal race: things to consider

Recently I ran the Warner Robins Aviation Marathon as my goal race for a sub 3 marathon. Aside from wanting a more flat course, there are a lot of other factors that went into my race selection.Β  I made a list of considerations.Β  Some of these items may seem obvious, but I really struggled with … Continue reading Selecting a goal race: things to consider

Goals for the next (marathon) training cycle

My husband and I took a road trip this past weekend for a fun weekend of hiking and hanging out with friends.Β  On the way, I asked him what upcoming goals he has for the future.Β  (Sidenote: they say the best marriages are those where the couple talks about the future together.) My husband's response … Continue reading Goals for the next (marathon) training cycle