Devoted Training Journal

Running is such a wonderful way to worship God. By keeping our focus and identities in Christ, instead of in our own performance, our heads and hearts will be in the right place. And every runner knows how important the head is to running! God created us to run, and He wants to keep us DEVOTED to Him with every step and every goal.

This journal is meant to be a training cycle journal. Every book has four months of pages for the training cycle. The books are small (8″x5.5″) and easy to carry.  There are fields where you can write scripture, enter goals, write prayer requests, and enter your training log.  Below are a few sample pages, as well as the link to order.  I am starting with a small batch, so supply is limited.


To order your journal, click here:


The Devoted Training Journal was inspired after a particularly challenging race for me.  I had been training intensively for months and I had high expectations for the race. My family had sacrificed, we had spent a lot of money, and I had dedicated hours of my life to this endeavor.  I finished the race, but my performance was a disappointment (to me). It was a 100k race with technical terrain and running the course left me feeling broken physically and emotionally.

But that’s where God can speak to us best, in a broken state. And on the flight home, instead of feeling despondent, I felt a peace about the race and a renewed focus on what I was to do. I had wanted a journal like the Devoted Training Journal for a while, but I couldn’t find anything like it. With the brainstorming and guidance of my sister, we created this journal as a way to keep us focused on our Creator throughout each training cycle.

After you’ve used the Devoted Training Journal, I’d love to hear your experience. Please reach out and keep in touch!