Race Report: Peachtree Road Race 10k 2017

Jon and I ran the Peachtree Road Race 10k for the second year in a row, and I’m pretty fond of our new tradition together. We spent the night at my parent’s house so that we could leave Cadence in the morning with my parents. I’m still nursing mornings and nights, and I haven’t had a night away from Cadence yet (soon to change when we go to San Francisco).

We went to bed early on Monday night and woke up at 5 am to get ready. Cadence had nursed around 4 am, so that was about as good as I would get as far as emptying before the race. She nurses exclusively on the right side, and I no longer pump. So I’m a little unbalanced. Haha. We drove about 30 minutes from my parents’ house to Marta, where we thankfully caught a train just as we walked onto the platform (last year this was a nightmare).

We jogged to the porta potties as a warm up, and then we made it to the start just as the star spangled banner was being played. Jon started in the A wave and I started in the seeded wave. This was my first year as a seeded athlete, and it was really nice to start in the cooler 7:30 am weather (albeit 90+% humidity) and with fewer athletes to have to weave around. I got to say hi to one of my good ultra buddies, and then we were off!

The course is hilly, but it starts out downhill with an overall negative elevation gain. It’s easy to go out too fast, but for a 10k, I have no idea what that feels like. I guess you have to run a lot of shorter distances to get a good feel for pacing. It felt fast, good, and easy for the first half of the race. It was really fun to run with other fast runners. There were a couple of girls who looked like they had just stepped off of a track, and I tried to keep up with them for most of the race. Also, I noticed that no one at the front was listening to music. Is that just a mid-packer thing?


Once we hit the hills, my legs burned on the uphills, but I just kept plugging along. Every time that I run a hill now, I judge it against how I’ll feel running the San Francisco marathon on July 23. I’m afraid that I’m in for some pain! About 4 miles into the race, I was running at a good pace, 6:15-6:20s, slowing down uphill, but I just didn’t feel like I was hurting badly enough. I thought about pushing harder, but instead I just kept plugging at that pace. Who knows?! Maybe I would have blown up if I had pushed more in the race. Maybe I would have trimmed a few seconds. I definitely sped up at the finish, but once done, I didn’t feel like I had pushed my hardest. This isn’t a goal race and I wasn’t trying for a goal time, but I was a little disappointed to not feel depleted. BUT I did feel sore for a couple of days after the race, so clearly, I pushed hard enough to tear up some muscle! Maybe I’m just not used to the distance.


Splits Cumulative Time Distance Avg Pace
1 06:13.3 1 6:13
2 12:24 1 6:10
3 18:36 1 6:12
4 25:21:00 1 6:45
5 32:02:00 1 6:41
6 38:23:00 1 6:21
7 39:56:00 0.29 5:26
Summary 39:56:00 6.29 6:21

I PR’d with a final time of 39:56. Fun to be (barely) sub 40! It’s pretty eye- opening though, because I have dreams of hitting a marathon of <2:45. With a 10k overall pace of 6:21, I need to be a bit faster and learn to feel comfortable at the fast paces for a bit longer. I came in 5th in my age group and 24th female overall. With over 55,000 race participants, that’s not too bad. πŸ™‚


Over 60,000 racers!

After the race, Jon and I walked around a little bit and then made our way back to Marta. The race was fun, but our little running buddy was waiting for us at my parents’ house! We finished off the holiday with a boat ride on the lake and a fun lunch with my family.


Hope you had a good Fourth of July!