Double day and strategies for smart tapering


Oh Monday! I was so tempted to sleep in this morning. So glad I didn’t though! πŸŽ‰Nothing like a satisfying run to start the day. πŸ€— 30 minutes of tempo sandwiched in an hour run. I think tempos are my favorite type of workout. Anyone else? I ran on the treadmill (my favorite ❀️) so I could control pace and incline. Huffed my way (in zone 3 πŸ˜‚) to a fast-ish 5% grade before cooling down. πŸŒ‰ #marathontraining #sanfranciscomarathon #motherrunner #rollrecovery #digdeeper #runyourworld #sauconyfreedom #milestonepod #gobeyondpace #womensrunningcommunity #womenrunning

I’m about two weeks from race day, so I’m in taper phase, sort of. Normally, taper means less of what you’ve been doing, but I have had such a scattered and short training cycle that I’m not really sure what to call this phase. πŸ™‚ Today I ran an 8 mile tempo, followed by an easy (hilly) 4 mile run after work and strength work.

I just re-read parts of Jason Koop’s book called Training Essentials for Ultrarunning. I read this book last year, but I wanted to skim it as a refresher. I really like his section on the taper. “Tapering is not maintenance. Tapering improves your physiology, leaving you more fit and ready for performance.” I’m hoping that is true for me! I’ll definitely remember that as a confidence booster for future races!

Here is a good list for smart tapering from the book:


Do you have taper tantrums? With this approach, I think I’ll stay satisfied.